Thursday, August 19, 2010

More on School

So I've almost finished my school week, I'll officially be done on Saturday at noon. Then I'll start again 7:00 Monday morning. How awesome. I don't understand much at school, but I've grown very fond of my classmates, they are enthusiastic and nice too me. They speak slowly and teach me what words mean, both good and bad. I decided I must know all the bad words as well, of course only so that I know when other people are using them or telling me to use them. Anyways, school can be awesome and not at the same time. I've met some really cool teachers. One of the teachers, I don't remember what subject, goes by the name Batata (Potato) I'm still confused as to why, but he's really cool!

Tests. Students freak out the same way here as they do in the states before tests, quick cramming and last minute asking each other questions to clarify information. I have been asked to take the last 3 tests that were given, two yesterday and one today, one was only multiple choice which means I could have gotten some right, and it was on ancient world history up to the renaissance, so I knew a little bit. The other two, let's just say it's a good thing I already graduated. [[Anya...APWH. No joke, I thought about you and that class the whole time, hitting myself in the face figuratively because I couldn't remember half of the things but I knew we knew them when we were studying for the exam, I should have asked for the help of CN.]]

Cheating. Cheating happens all the time, and there is a lot of talking during tests, I've only seen one teacher shush everyone harshly during the test and not allow talking. People make cheat sheets and slip them up their jackets, and they talk while the teacher is right next to them practically. Someone told me that if you don't cheat, you aren't brasilian. Well, I don't know enough to cheat at the moment, and since grades don't matter I don't think I'll put in the effort to develop that habit.

Classes. All of the classes are lectures. I have them on different days at different times then the day before. It lasts from 7:00-12:00, but some people just show up whenever and sleep the entire time. For classes I have: Math, Spanish, Chemistry, English, Literature, History, Biology, Physics, Writing, Philosophy, Geography, Art, Religion, Portuguese, and Sociology. I've had all of the classes except for the last two. We also had a free period today, but then we had an afternoon class. This happens every thursday. During the free period everyone ran around crazy and I talked about music with a couple classmates, it is weird how much we have in common. During art, we did absolutely nothing. During religion we had an intense conversation about homosexuals. This was because one of the boys in my class went to see Eclipse by himself, apparently that is enough for people to call him "Gay", then the teacher told stories about homosexuals she knew and she talked about the religious aspect and the social aspect. I actually understood quite a bit of that class. I'm pretty sure we got in trouble today, I'm not sure why though. Then some people went wild and were going to jump from our floor to the ramp below, certain hospital trip.

The ramp. We have a ramp, no stairs. You may be thinking "how handicapped friendly". No, it's not. It's a steep ramp that would take forever and a lot of muscles to get up in a wheelchair, however it would be a wild ride down. Maybe I'll take a picture of it, to better explain it. Let's just say, I get a work out going up and down it 2-3 times a day.

Teacher Student Relationships. Everyone jokes around, always. Even during tests. Teachers aren't an exception. Most of the time the teachers spend more time joking around with the students than they do teaching. It's very personal which makes me stick out like a sore thumb, but I'm sure by the end of the year I'll be buddies with them all as well.

Cellphones. Everyone here has a nice cellphone; internet to look up things during class and tests (cheating of course); mp3 player for all their music and nice speakers, sliders/touch screens. Their phones are much nicer than what remember seeing in the United States. They use them ALL the time during class, no exceptions. Most of the time they don't even try and hide their cellphones. It's strange, there are no signs or set rules against it, although some teachers will take them (I haven't witnessed this yet though).

I have so much more to say, but I can't exactly tell you every detail about everything, I've started a list for when I have less to say. Be in touch soon-ish.


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