Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Miley Cyrus,

I hate to break it to Miss Miley Cyrus, but just like the facebook group suggests: the party really is better in Brasil. I'm not talking about teenage parties like are typically seen in American Pie videos, I am talking about parties in general. They really know how to kick back and enjoy themselves down here. So first and foremost if you are going to graduate from college, you might as well graduate from a Brasilian college.

Earlier this week my family and I went to a graduation ceremony for Bruno, a guy that works in their shop. The graduation ceremony itself wasn't that special, and I thought that was it. Then a few days later we went to a mass for the graduates. Once again I wasn't thinking anything special, because when I graduated from high school my church had a mass as well. The only difference was that every step of the way, here, they had a thousand cameras and video cameras to document everything! At the mass I asked my sister Laura, what all graduating from college meant here, besides the obvious degree, new life aspect. She told me that it is five days of partying. It all starts with the actual graduation, then there are different things every day until it completes itself with a huge formal dinner and dance.
So of course we not only went to the mass and the ceremony itself, but we spent all of Saturday getting ready for the dance/feast. It didn't start until about 8:30. My mom painted my nails and had a lady come and wash and dry our hair (which was probably something I could have done myself, but I wasn't going to complain). We all put on nice dresses, make-up, and high heels were a must. We arrived and handed the people at the doors our tickets and this was how the evening started.

We were seated and they had servers coming around with unlimited amounts of water, guaranĂ¡, coca, and beer (of course). Some nice music was playing in the background and there was a video slideshow of all the past days events. At about 8:45 we were told we could go eat, I was a little confused by the fact that all the food that was set out was appetizer type food. However I grabbed different sandwich meats, salads, and breads. Then we returned to our table.

I began to lose track of time but sometime later, however early in the evening, they announced each of the graduates. Then the announced graduate would make an extreme entrance through a gauntlet of family/friends/strangers, and make their way down to the front (sometimes backtracking so they could be in the limelight longer). The entire time they were followed by video cameras and people taking pictures. There were tons of noise makers and lots of jumping up and down and dancing.

After this dinner was set out and we went to eat it. Everything was delicious of course. Then the DJ started up the lights, turned down the lights from dinner, and turned up the music. In the beginning it was a lot of remixed American music, but I must say everything they played (whether I understood it or not) was amazing. They even played the typical American wedding songs (like Brown-eyed girl). We got up and danced for a little bit, they didn't remember the macarina and seeing as it's about the only thing I have the ability to dance, I gladly taught them. They taught me some dances, one involved the phrase "now let me see you get sexxxxy" or something to that accord. They also liked to laugh at the fact that I couldn't dance. Some of them even tried to teach me how to partner dance, I might be able to get the hang of that.

After that we sat and visited for a while and I'd figure we'd be leaving for home soon. However then they served dessert! So of course we had to go get some dessert. It was delicious as well. Then Henrique, Laura (my host-siblings) and I went down near the DJ and danced to a bunch of songs. It's really amazing how everyone here, my age, dislikes Justin Beiber just as much as I do. Eventually my feet were hurting so Laura and I returned to our seats (I was also getting creeped out by one of the guys dancing with us, and I don't deal well with creepers). Now
my dad had had his fair share of beer and he was dancing and having a good old time and it was fun to watch him.

We sat around some more and then funk music came on, but I was too tired to get up and return to the dance floor, and once again I fear awkward creepers, so I stayed put. Even when "Creu" played. I watched my dad on side of the table and a little girl on the other attempt to dance it. It was unbelievable entertaining. Yet of course this still wasn't the end of the evening.

Then they set out soup for us to eat. By now I was too past tired to think about eating soup, and I wanted them to continue enjoying themselves so I tapped my feet to the music and let my thoughts take over. Eventually we decided it was time to go, so my family went off to find my brother. He was nowhere to be found, and about 10 minutes later he showed up. We left and although I ended up exhausted it was so much fun. It was a lot of fun to be around people that were there having a good time, not embarrassed of themselves, not worried about anything, just taking advantage of the time. It was like a Duchene wedding mixed with Prom mixed with Thanksgiving. We returned home at the early hour of 3:15 a.m. and I was off to bed.

It was a fun Saturday evening :)


Tchau e beijos.


  1. Love this. So much. I am very jealous you got to go to a graduation party!!! I have only been to family stuff, which have all been amazing. I think I go to some kind of "festa" two to three times a week. No joke, the Brasilians really do know how to party.

    beijos :)

  2. Sounds like a blast Aletha!!!

    Your cousin Steph