Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Quickest Update In The World


I've had a few people ask me recently and yes, I am still alive.

I am still in Campo Grande, we are leaving on Monday at about 10:15 p.m. and I should arrive home at sometime the next afternoon.

Marie, the other exchange student from Minnesota, came down the day after we arrived. I have been meeting tons of people from schools, many aunts and uncles! I come from a big family here as well!! This is exciting for me, however on my hostmom's side there is only one great-grandchild and one grandchild that isn't in highschool. Definitely not as many cousins, but just as much noise. It definitely made up for missing both the Duchenes and the Biseks. Although of course nothing comes close to replacing the 'bagun├ža' (mess/loud/rowdy-ness) we call a family back in Minnesota.

Well all in all, without the gym I'm sure I am gaining weight here, the food is more delicious everyday. I'll post a full update about my week, one month anniversary, and pictures when I get back home, or a couple days after. Believe me, I have some very amazing stories to tell you about. Sneak preview: stories about shameless brazilian boys, one month anniversary, acid rain, and bus bathroom doors that apparently don't lock when I'm inside will be included. Stay tuned.


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